Our Profile

Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-North, Inc. is an independent franchise of MRINetwork™, one of the world's largest executive search and recruitment organization. We are a full service search and recruiting firm that is results-oriented and performance paid with a full range of recruiting services to meet your needs.

Chub Ensminger is the owner and the solid rock upon which Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-North operates. He began with MRINetwork in 1972 and became an independent franchise owner in 1977. In over 30 years in the recruiting profession, he has been recognized numerous times (both individually and as an owner/manager) for outstanding accomplishments regionally and nationally. He is actively involved in every recruiting situation in his office. He directs above all else that honesty, integrity, trust, urgency and confidentiality encompass the service that we render.

Our main thrust is providing qualified candidates for companies who have people needs they have been unable to satisfy through their normal channels. Ours is not a sales effort, but rather to identify, qualify and introduce candidates who meet the needs of our employers. Our success depends upon the thoroughness of the information provided by the companies and the candidates with whom we work; therefore, our one-on-one contact is crucial. Every effort is made to inform them of what to expect from us and to encourage an open exchange of feelings and attitudes throughout the placement process. Creating a trusting relationship so as to become THEIR search and recruiting specialists is our goal, and ultimately the ideal situation is to create a partnership between them and Management Recruiters of Chattanooga-North.

We don't try to be "everybody's" recruiter, but for those who have a valid NEED, who value and share straight-forward, honest communication, we may be your answer.